As COVID 19 spreads around the world

In his one day visit to Washington, Gronkowski visited Walter Reed and laid a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery. He visited with Gen. Mark A. So the Cowboys, a team predicted to be among the NFL’s best at the start of the season, are 6 7, alive for a playoff berth only because they play in the woeful NFC East, which doesn’t have a team over.500. And it’s highly likely that Jones will be looking to replace Coach Jason Garrett, whose contract expires at the end of the season. Aikman may be able to pass on the temptation to run the Cowboys, but he admitted that being a GM or running a team in some fashion was something he has „always somewhat entertained” despite his successful broadcast career..

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But that paled in comparison to the solid the league did for the franchise Thursday. That’s when the league orchestrated nine month soap opera surrounding superstar Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and football air pressure came to a crescendo. A federal judge essentially declared the league’s charges against Brady, that he willfully deflated footballs for his advantage, garbage and hurled it all back into Commissioner Roger Goodell’s face.

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The offensive line’s health seems to be trending in the right direction, although don’t expect to see Trent Williams in uniform Sunday. It’s also possible one of the newcomers might be gone by Sunday, what with the Redskins needing to add a safety before facing the Seahawks. Good thing, too.

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But that doesn’t mean Martinez isn’t conflicted. An emotional Monday news conference included a bit of inexact math: His concern level had risen from an eight to a 12, he admitted, even while focusing on the next game plan. He reasoned that the players have families, that he has a family, and they’re all risking their health..

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